Case Reports in Clinical Practice 2017. 2(4):116-119.

Bilateral Large Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Both Groins with Metastasis to the Liver: A Case Report
Safoura Shakoei, Maryam Nasimi, Alireza Ghanadan, Sirous Jafari, Arghavan Azizpour


Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC), which is the second most common malignancy in humans, commonly occurs on sun-exposed skin such as face. Incidence rate of squamous cell carcinoma is found to be higher in old men. Metastatic rate of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma is approximately 4-5%, and it is higher in men, especially those over the age of 75 years. Risk factors that increase the rate of metastatic SCC include immunosuppression like human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), solid organ transplantation, tumor thickness (> 2 mm), lesion diameter (> than 2 cm), poor differentiation, and perineural invasion. To our knowledge, our case is the first report of squamous cell carcinoma with large size with bilateral lesion extending from the groin to intergluteal region.


Squamous cell carcinoma; Groin; Pathology; Metastasis

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