Case Report

An Algorithm for Treatment of Cervical Pregnancy: Report of a Series of Eight Patents


Being considered as an important life-threatening condition, Cervical Pregnancy (CP) is defined as the implantation and growth of the gestational sac in the endocervical canal. Due to high maternal mortality and morbidity expectant management is not recommended. There is no definite treatment for this complication. During this case series study, we used an algorithm for CP treatment according to gestational age, presence of fetal heart activity, hemodynamic stability, and patients desire for future fertility in 8 patients. We used a combination of several modalities such as fetal heart reduction, systemic methotrexate, and uterine artery embolization to successfully treat all of them. Reproductivity ability of all patients has been reserved and 3 pregnancies including 2 terms and 1 preterm occurred during the follow-up period.

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