Case Report

Diaphragmatc Rupture With Lef Colon and Spleen Herniaton and Small Intestne Injury Afer Blunt Trauma


Traumatic Diaphragmatic Rupture (TDR) is a rare type of trauma. Small intestine injuries are the third most common type of injury resulting from blunt trauma to abdominal organs. The immediate diagnosis of TDR and bowel injuries is a daunting task. We reported a 53-year-old male patient who was transferred to the hospital by EMS because of a car accident. The chest X-ray showed the left diaphragm elevation. Also, a computed tomography scan revealed that the greater omentum, a portion of the colon, spleen, and stomach were transposed in the hemithorax through a diaphragm rupture. The patient underwent laparotomy and the incidental findings in laparotomy showed bowel injuries. This case was a common cause of traumatic left-sided diaphragmatic rupture and intestinal injury. The suspicion of diaphragmatic rupture and intestinal injury in a patient with multiple traumas contributes to early diagnosis. Surgical repair remains the only treatment for diaphragmatic rupture. The severe injury in a part of the intestine may result in the resection of that part.

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