Case Report

Burkitt’s Lymphoma of Intestine Presenting as Ileocolic Intussusception


Burkitt lymphoma, as the most common non-Hodgkin Bcell lymphoma of childhood, is rarely detected in the gastrointestinal tract. Intussusception secondary to Burkitt’s lymphoma is an uncommon presentation. We describe an unusual case of intestinal Burkitt’s lymphoma in a four and the half-year-old girl who presented with intermittent colicky pain three times. Imaging studies were suggestive of intussusception. The patient was subjected to the surgery of bowel resection, which revealed a creamy-gray oval-shaped mass. Histopathology through immunohistochemistry study confirmed the Burkitt lymphoma. Owing to rather nonspecific clinical and radiological features, the preoperative diagnosis of Burkitt lymphoma remains a challenging task for pediatric surgeons and radiologists. Therefore, in case of any clinical suspicion, further examinations, such as CT scan in children are recommended.

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Burkitt’s lymphoma Intestine Intussusception

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