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Facial Acne Vulgaris Exacerbaton During COVID-19 Pandemic Due to Wearing Face Surgical Masks


Acne vulgaris is a very common dermatologic disease. Here, we reported at least two cases of facial acne vulgaris exacerbation during the pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Also, during the other respiratory disaster due to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronaviru (SARS)in Singapore, skin reactions and complications of the personal protective equipment (PPE) were assessed. Acne was the most common complication of N95 masks. In China, where the COVID-19 has begun, the exacerbation of previous facial dermatoses was asked and the most exacerbated dermatoses after rosacea was acne. Two justifications for the exacerbation of acne have been proposed: first, the humid tropical microclimate created by the mask on the facial skin, which can induce acne and the second is local pressure of the mask on the face, which may cause pressure-induced obstruction of theĀ  infundibulum of hair follicles. Dermatologists should expect exacerbations of acne in many patients during the respiratory epidemic and educate their patients.

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Acne vulgaris COVID-19 Surgical mask

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