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Kikuchi Disease in Elderly: Report of a Rare Disease in an Unusual Age


Kikuchi disease is a benign, self-limited, and rare condition presented mainly by lymphadenopathy and fever. Kikuchi disease is more common in women, especially women under 40. We report a 63-year-old Iranian woman presenting with long-term fever, constitutional symptoms, and cervical lymphadenopathy. A lymph node biopsy was done for her, and the diagnosis of Kikuchi disease was confirmed. Kikuchi disease is a self-limited condition with a good prognosis that can resolve with no specific treatment within a few weeks. Still, some patients are at risk of recurrence and development of SLE and Lymphoma. Our patient was treated with a low dose of glucocorticoids. On 6 month follow-up, she had no signs and symptoms of recurrence and no evidence of SLE development. The interesting point of this case is the clinical picture and her age of presentation.

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