Case Reports in Clinical Practice 2016. 1(4):96-98.

Leiomyoma of the spermatic cord in a 26 year old man
Habib Tavassoli, Farzin Valizadeh, Ali Samady


Leiomyomas are benign tumors originating from smooth muscles. Uterus is the common site they are originated. However, genitourinary leiomyomas are the least common type of non-uterine types. We are reporting a case of right-side scrotal spermatic cord leiomyoma in a 26-year-old man presenting as a painless mass. According to the ultrasonography report as an extratesticular mass, he underwent trans-inguinal tumor resection surgery. A well-defined creamy-white ovoid mass with whorling cut surface which was tightened to the posterior of the cord was resected and then sent to pathology service where histologically the diagnosis of leiomyoma was made. Leiomyoma, having concerned its rarity, can be a possible differential diagnosis of extratesticular masses



Leiomyoma; Spermatic cord; Scrotum

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