Case Report

Congenital Deformity of the Knee Joint: A Boy With Congenital Patella Alta


Introduction: Patella alta is an extremely rare condition, refers to an abnormally high position of the patella. Surgical treatment of habitual dislocation of the patella aims at a step-by-step correction of the abnormality.
Case Presentation: A 4-year-old boy presented with a rare superior dislocation of the patella. Clinical examination and radiographs confirmed the dislocation of the patella. The patella was reduced with proper reduction technique under sedation, resulting in the improvement of active range of motion.
Conclusion: Congenital patella alta is a rare deformity in children. Treatment and diagnosis in the early stages are of our priority in the treatment. Our non-surgical treatment is our preferred treatment in this patient. The surgical treatment approach is performed in patients that have no response to non-surgical treatments.

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