Case Report

Granulomatous Mastts and Sarcoidosis Differental Diagnosis: A Case Report


Granulomatous mastitis is a pathological diagnosis with a variety of causes, and its treatment depends on the underlying cause. We report a case of granulomatous mastitis in a 25-year-old woman admitted with erythema nodosum and an unresponded acute inflammatory mastitis to treatment. It was challenging for us to make a definite diagnosis between sarcoidosis and idiopathic lobular granulomatous mastitis for her. In the end, our diagnosis was sarcoidosis because of dactylitis we found in her physical examination which responded dramatically to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug treatment. We started therapy with corticosteroids and immunosuppressant drugs and offered her continuous follow-up.

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Sarcoidosis; Granulomatous mastts; Breast; Erythema nodosum

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