Case Report

Recurrent Schowannoma With Extensive Xanthomatous Changes: A Case Report


Schwannoma is one of the most common benign intracranial tumors, which originates from the Schwann cells of neural structures in the upper part of the vestibular branch of the eighth cranial nerve. This report describes a 64-year-old woman with headache and vertigo who had a past surgical history of acoustic schwannoma about 10 years ago. The patient underwent excisional surgery. Histological examinations revealed schwannoma with extensive xanthomatous changes. Immunohistochemistry staining confirmed the diagnosis. Base on the diagnosis, the patient received no more treatment. After 6 months of close follow-up examinations, no recurrence and complication were observed. Schwannoma could be seen with a vast variety of histologic changes. Recurrence of Schownnoma is uncommon in patients without neurofibromatosis, but it should be considered in a proper clinical context.

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