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Misoprostol is Useful for Post Cesarean Section Management of Redo Syndrome


Redo syndrome or acute hematometra is a rare complication after abortion or cesarean section.A-32- year-old woman with previous cesarean section, term pregnancy, and labor pain referred to hospital.She delivered a healthy baby with a good Apgar score and discharge 2 days later without complications after a cesarean section. She came back to the hospital with the severe abdominal pain, weakness, without abnormal bleeding, at 6 days postpartum. Abdominopelvic sonography showed a large hematometra in the uterus. She took misoprostol 200 μg intra vaginal and 200μg sublingual, plus serum oxytocin and cefazolin. After about 1.5 hours, she passed a large hematoma, her pain gradually relieved, and she was discharged three days later. This report show that misoprostol is useful in the management of acute hematometra.

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